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Memory Techniques

Learn more about the fascinating world of memory techniques like the Method of Loci, the Major System and the popular ‘Person Action Object’ System. You will find methods for beginners and for experienced athletes to become the next memory champion.

Memory System for Countries: Asia, Oceania and Africa

Memory System for Countries: Asia, Oceania and Africa

Remember all countries in Asia, Oceania and Africa and create a 2-digit memory system at the same time. Using the Wardrobe Method this system will become a number system of its own. You can use this list also as part of a larger 3-digit memory system or higher.


In my detailed interviews with memory athletes from all around the world you will learn about their motiviation, experience and techniques. Learn from the best and find out more about the masterminds that enrich this sport with new records all the time.

Nelson Dellis Interview

Nelson Dellis Interview

Steady as a rock he is climbing the highest mountains, raising awareness for Alzheimer disease. And in the meantime he is the most successful US memory athlete of all times. I talked with Nelson Dellis about physical and mental mountains and how to overcome them.

Memory Championships

Get ready for the ultimate memory test: Competing in a memory championship is great fun and all the athletes are building a community of friends and mutual respect. Find out about the latest competitions and be up-to-date with the world of memory.

South German Memory Open 2014 – Livestream

South German Memory Open 2014 – Livestream

This is the live stream of the South German Memory Open 2014. You can watch it even afterwards on YouTube. My co-moderator is Johannes Mallow, #1 ranked memory athlete in the world. He is sharing many great insights in his training and techniques.

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Testimonials from my students

Konstantin Skudler
I started memory training at the age of five in 2004 with Florian Dellé and it was always a lot of fun. Winning the German Memory Children Championship and the World Memory Children Championship in 2008 did motivate me to improve myself even further. I am very glad to exercise this sport because it is good for body and mind. Konstantin Skudler, Germany

Knowing memory techniques makes you discover the hidden potentials that you have. Thanks to the different systems we can save time while memorizing new information. “Teacher Flo” will always ask you for your own preferences of techniques. I enjoyed his training a lot because it is entertaining plus the schedule is more convenient for me. Patrick Manlangit, Philippines

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