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Interview with Alex Mullen

In the recent years we have seen the United States joining the top elite of memory athletes. One of the young and super talented Yankees is Alex Mullen. He jumped under the top 20 in the world in his first ranked tournament and placed fourth in the Extreme Memory Tournament 2015.

Simon Reinhard Interview

If one had to decide who is the most talented and successful memory athlete of all times, there would probably one name pop up among the few chosen ones, that everyone has heard about. We talked with Simon “The Flash” Reinhard and asked him for his secrets.

Marwin Wallonius Interview

In 2012 a new memory athlete appeared who quickly climbed the memory rankings. At the time of this interview he is on position number 14 in the world and has achieved the Grand Master title. Running in the shadows of his fellow Swede and two times World Memory Champion Jonas von Essen, few have spotted this outstanding talent yet. We are about to change that: clear the stage for Marwin Wallonius from Sweden.

Memory Techniques

Methods how to memorize everything

The Pyramid Memory System

This article is a detailed introduction into a grand modular category memory system. It does not use any kind of letter code and allows the user 100% control over the images and categories being used.

Memory System for Countries: Asia, Oceania and Africa

Remember all countries in Asia, Oceania and Africa and create a 2-digit memory system at the same time. Using the Wardrobe Method this system will become a number system of its own. You can use this list also as part of a larger 3-digit memory system or higher.

The Wardrobe Memory Method

The Wardrobe Method is probably one of the most powerful memory techniques ever created. You can learn everything with it and even use your new knowledge as a new system on its own. Create large number systems for memory championships or build your own memory palace.

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