Double Card System

This is my category based double card system with 2704 images (52x52; still work in progress). It builds on top of my Millennium PAO. Each set of 52 cards is divided into four categories of 13 images each. Therefor I am able to use my original categories of ten images each and just add three fitting images for the Jack, Queen and King. To remember each category I can multiply the index of the card with four and add 1, 2, 3 or 4 for the suit. 10 becomes a 0 and Ace a 1. For example: 2 of Spades and Clubs = 2x4+3 = category 11.

As soon as I finish the first 400 original images (plus 40x13 for the new J, Q, K) I start again with the next colour but add 400 to the calculation. This repeats for all four suits. Finally I add the 12x52 images for all cards starting with a J, Q, K combination.