How it works

This Millennium System requires an already exisitng 2-digit PAO system. We will only need the 100 actions and 100 objects from that system. It can easily be created with the Major System or any other number system. To learn the non-code based 3-digit people and objects, we use the overlap method with our actions and old objects. With the Overlap Method we use two 2-digit images and overlap them to a 3-digit number. 76 (action) and 65 (object) become 765. Together they help us remember the new 3-digit person and object. Each action will be used ten times in a row (f.e. 42 action will be used in 420, 421, ... , 429). Each object will be used every 100 images (f.e. 42 object will be used in 042, 142, ... , 942).