Millennium PAO

This is an example for a grand memory system with 1000 people, 100 actions and 1000 objects. It therefor encodes 8 digits in one PAO image (3-2-3). Instead of following the Major System or any other code-based memory system, it is fully ordered and structured through logic. It can be learned with a simple 2-digit PAO system, where only the actions and objects are needed. To assign the 3-digit number I have used the overlap method with one action and one object each. Together they create the memory hook for the new 3-digit person and 3-digit action.

Although this approach is more complicated than a pure code-based system, it allows us to create and memorize lists of people and objects without any kind of restrictions. We have full control over the entire images and can use the best possible for oneself. In this case this lead to a harmonic and very logical order of 100 groups of ten people and objects each. While the people are all pesonal selections based on my own life and experience, the objects represent a fantastic mix of interesting facts and a sophisticated system for memory sports.

The finished system can be used as a memory palace with 2000 hooks for even further infos to learn.

All images are shared under fair use for educational purposes and will never be moneytized.

How it works

This Millennium System requires an already exisitng 2-digit PAO system. We will only need the 100 actions and 100 objects from that system. It can easily be created with the Major System or any other number system. To learn the non-code based 3-digit people and objects, we use the overlap method with our actions and old objects. With the Overlap Method we use two 2-digit images and overlap them to a 3-digit number. 76 (action) and 65 (object) become 765. Together they help us remember the new 3-digit person and object. Each action will be used ten times in a row (f.e. 42 action will be used in 420, 421, ... , 429). Each object will be used every 100 images (f.e. 42 object will be used in 042, 142, ... , 942).

00-99 PAO System

These 100 PAO-hexagons are the 2-digit basis for the Millennium PAO Memory System (PAO = Person-Action-Object). They are based on the Major System with German peg words. There is always only one element based on the Major code, while the other two are created with natural associations. For example 20 = NoSe, which is an object. From nose I associated the missing person and action and came up with "Pinoccho" and "snorting". Technically the 100 people here are not needed to learn the 1000 people and 1000 objects from the Millennium PAO. But to show the step-by-step evolution of this system, I included them here as well.

000-099 - The Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements from 1-99 (without the 0) is encoded in the 100 objects of this list. Each object is a common item used with the corresponding element. For example Hydrogen is used for rocket fuel and therefor being symbolized through a rocket. Only marked* objects have so little usage outside of science, that I used a mnemonic to remember the name more easiliy (f.e. Thorium = Thor's Hammer).
The 100 people are all famous TV cartoons in groups of ten each: Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, Looney Toones, Hanna-Barbara, Filmation, Pink Panther with In A Land Before Time, Ghostbusters.

100-199 - The Food System

These 100 objects are all different kind of food, logically ordered in related groups. All fruit and vegetables are ordered according to their taxonomy.
The 100 people are all cartoon characters, mixed from TV, comics and movies. They are ordered in groups of ten each: Crazy cartoons, Garfield, Maja and Turtles, French Comics, Duckburg, Mousetown, Disney Afternoon, Disney movies until 1951, Disney movies until 1963, The Jungle Book.

200-299 - Countries of America, Europe and Middle East

These 100 objects encode all countries on the American continent, the Carribbean, Europe and the Middle East. The order is defined in spirals from North to South and West to East. This logic does not work in Europe and the Middle East very well and jumps due to the geography a few times. Each country is represented by a famous building or sight. I tried to find distinctive objects for each country. All image combinations are created through the logic of the system and contain no statement or disrespect to any country whatsoever.
The 100 people are all animated movie characters in groups of ten each: Disney movies until 1989, Disney movies until 1999, Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc., Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Ice Age + mixed, Wall-E and Finding Nemo, Megamind and Bolt and Dispicable Me.

300-399 - Countries of Asia, Oceania and Africa

These 100 objects encode all countries in Asia, Oceania and Africa. The order is defined in spirals from North to South and East to West (if possible). Each country is represented by a famous building or sight. I tried to find distinctive objects for each country. All image combinations are created through the logic of the system and contain no statement or disrespect to any country whatsoever.
The 100 people are famous Anime characters and puppets in groups of ten each: One Piece, Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach, mixed Animes, Muppet Show, Sesame Street, German puppets, mixed puppets.

400-499 - Commodity Items

These 100 objects are all common houselhold items. It can be used as a template for important vocabulary while learning a foreign language.
The 100 people are all from different video games, ordered in groups of ten each: World of Warcraft (WoW) Vanilla, WoW Burning Crusade, WoW Addon 234, WoW Horde heroes, Nintendo, mixed heroes, SciFi heroes, sweet and evil heroes, Star Craft, WoW Alliance heroes.

500-599 - Toys, Sports, Instruments and Electronics

These 100 objects are mixed toys, sports equipment, instruments and electronic gadgets. While it can also be used as a vocabulary list for language learning, it feels particulary nostalgic to work with them. And that is always very helpful to create memorable stories for memory sports.
The 100 people are super heroes and mixed adventure characters, ordered in groups of ten each: Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four + Spiderman, DC heroes, Aliens, Horror, Freaks, Robots + Programs, Zombies + Gremlins, Discworld + Neverending Story and Addams Family.

600-699 - Artefacts and Treasures

This list of 100 objects is all about artefacts, magical items and treasures. It is the only set of images, where the person and the object are associated on purpose (only 600-659). They are followed by some mixed mythical treasures. The last ten are all from the private collection of Scrooge McDuck.
The 100 people are SciFi and Fantasy characters, added by some martial arts stars, mixed action heroes and male Hollywood super stars. Like always ordered in groups of ten.

700-799 - Plants

This is a set of 100 objects of different flowers, trees and other plants. The first fifty are flowers in alphabetical order. They are followed by trees, carnivores, succulents and psychoactive plants. They are not ordered by taxonomy like the food list.
The 100 people are famous TV show actors, English and German comedians and female Hollywood stars.

800-899 - Animal Alphabets

This set of 100 "objects" contains 4 animal alphabets with 25 animals each (without the "X"). All animals are represented with either their German or English name. The first set are mammals, then birds, followed by mixed reptiles, amphibias and insects and finally dinosaurs. The dinosaur list contains all major dinosaur families as well as some extinct non-dinosaurs.
The 100 poeple are a big mix of classics, duos, children movies, sport legends, painters + scientists, history, politics. All groups of ten each are ordered through either the age of the people or their appearance (except for the sport heroes).
None of the association between the animals and the people are intentional or have any hidden meaning. They are coupled through the inner logic of each list.

900-999 - Esoteric Wisdom

This set of 100 objects is the most abstract of the entire system. It contains completely of spiritual and philosophical concepts, ideas and symbols. These are grouped in their own logic each and put into sequence that made the most sense to the overall list. The main concepts are: Tree of Life, Tarot, Chakras, Holy Geometry, Astrology, Alchemy, Kybalion and the classical elements.
The 100 people are musicians and mythological creatures.

Double Card System

This is my category based double card system with 2704 images (52x52; still work in progress). It builds on top of my Millennium PAO. Each set of 52 cards is divided into four categories of 13 images each. Therefor I am able to use my original categories of ten images each and just add three fitting images for the Jack, Queen and King. To remember each category I can multiply the index of the card with four and add 1, 2, 3 or 4 for the suit. 10 becomes a 0 and Ace a 1. For example: 2 of Spades and Clubs = 2x4+3 = category 11.
As soon as I finish the first 400 original images (plus 40x13 for the new J, Q, K) I start again with the next colour but add 400 to the calculation. This repeats for all four suits. Finally I add the 12x52 images for all cards starting with a J, Q, K combination.